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Convincing your boss to send you to

Dilemma: you’re really excited about going to and are all set to register but need to justify the expense for your resident “powers that be” at work.

If you have an understanding boss who appreciates the value of gaining motivation, meeting inspiring people and learning more in a week than normal for a couple of months and doesn’t need it explained, congratulations! If, on the other hand, you have a boss who requires a bit of assistance in this area, we can help!

So, in the interests of reducing your paperwork load, here’s a few paragraphs to get you started on getting approval from the powers that be (that be less understanding).

Sample words for cost justification hosts over 70 presentations from highly regarded speakers in the free and open source software (FOSS) community. Topics include from highly technical looks at security to architecture to open hardware as well as strategic talks on community engagement, diversity promotion, legal and ethical management.

Special interest Miniconfs run across two days of the conference and give delegates an opportunity to dive deep into a topic and build connections with others working in the area.

The full session details are also available online.

Organisations who fund delegates gain competitive advantage through:

  • Ready access to the knowledge and experience of the Linux and FOSS community through networking and relationship building
  • Greater awareness and understanding of both mature and emergent technologies, enhancing delegates’ strategic impact for their parent organisation
  • Greater awareness and understanding of issues affecting organisations and the Linux and FOSS community, such as enhancing diversity, patent and copyright legislation and communicating to different audiences
  • Enhanced technical competence and capability through attending tutorial sessions
  • Sending someone to is also a great way to recognise and reward achievement against organisational objectives

Tax deduction

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you choose to view the situation, we're not qualified accountants. This means we can't give you tax advice. If you would like a professional opinion on whether you're able to claim and/or related expenses as a tax deduction, you will need to consult with your accountant. We can advise you however to ensure you retain all your receipts for tax purposes!

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Geelong is Victoria's second largest city, located on Corio Bay, and within a short drive from popular beach-front communities on the Bellarine Peninsula as well as being the gateway to the famous Great Ocean Road

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